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Advertising Rates


[table caption="" width="650" colwidth="150|90|90|90|90" colalign="left|left|left|left|left"]Cost Per Insertion £ sterling,1 Issue,2 Issues,3 Issues,4 Issues Full Page, £1950, £1750, £1550, £1350 Half Page, £1200, £1050, £900, £750 Quarter Page, £650, £550, £450, £350 [/table]


[table caption="" width="650" colwidth="150|90|90|90|90" colalign="left|left|left|left|left"]Cost Per Insertion £ sterling,1 Issue,2 Issues,3 Issues,4 Issues Back Cover,£2500,£2300,£2100,£1900 Inside Front Cover,£2200,£2000,£1800,£1600 Inside Back Cover,£2000,£1800,£1600,£1400 [/table]


£250 per 1000 (25grams max weight per insert)


[table caption="" width="648" colwidth="216|216|216" colalign="left|left|left"]Size,Orientation,Print area Full Page,Portrait,20mm x 292mm (+3mm bleed on all sides) Half Page,Horizontal,190mm x 134mm Half Page,Vertical,96mm x 272mm Quater Page, Horizontal,190mm x 68mm Quater Page, Vertical,96mm x 134mm [/table]


[table caption="" width="650" colwidth="150|90|90|90|90" colalign="left|left|left|left|left"]Advert Duration,1 Month,3 Months,6 Months,9 Months,12 Months Leader banner - 728px x 90px,£795,£2145,£3815,£5005,£5725 Feature Advert - 300px x 250px,£595,£1605,£2855,£3745,£4285 Box Advert - 300px x 250px,£450,£1215,£2160,£2835,£3240 Sector Box - 300px x 250px,£295,£805,£1435,£1885,£2155 [/table] Online banners should be supplied as JPEG, PNG or GIF. Images should be no larger than 8MB. A Sector Box is an advert featured on one of our website sector pages. The following sectors are available: Yard News; New Equipment; Coatings: Cargo Management; Underwater Repair; Technology; Propulsion; New Builds; Communications; LNG and Environment.


[table caption="" width="650" colwidth="150|150" colalign="left|left"] SIZE (width x height),MONTHLY RATE
Top Box - 250 x 205px,£495
Lower Box - 250 x 205px,£395
Video Clip - 250px x 205px,£895 (including online)

Creative Video Advertising – DRYDOCK CHANNEL

[table caption="" width="650" colwidth="150|90|90|90|90" colalign="left|left|left|left|left|"] Duration on website,3 MONTHS,6 MONTHS,9 MONTHS,12 MONTHS
Cost in £ Sterling,£1795,£3230,£4115,£4390


Want to Understand Your Audience Better – Build & Grow Your Business – Educate Your Audience – Increase Customer Product Knowledge – Brand Yourself an Expert in Your Field – Develop Businesses Contacts?

Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services while helping you to understand your target audience. Having no geographical boundaries, potential clients have more access to you and your products.
Webinars are an exceptional way to engage and share your company’s passion, increase your profit margin and a great way to generate qualified leads and raise brand awareness. Price upon application.

White Papers

If your company offers an innovative solution in the form of a service or product, a white paper is an excellent way to highlight the benefits. Everything from new software to manufacturing processes can be discussed in a white paper, as well as the history of how the solution came to be and how it differs from what the competition offers.
Cost: £1,995 Featured for 3 months then archived. Promoted on E-newsletter and Drydock Magazine.

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