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Happy Birthday from Hydrex


Happy Birthday from HYDREX

40 years ago Hydrex was just a 5-year-old. We’ve all grown up since then and we wish you all the best for your anniversary and beyond.

The changes in the industry in those years have been enormous, from the shifts in worldwide trade to environmental concerns, and ships that just keep getting bigger and more complex. Hydrex started developing underwater repair technology in 1974 when, as a trained commercial diver, I started to think that there must be better ways of doing things. Since then we have developed the mob-dock concept, the flexible mob-dock, propeller and rudder repair systems, underwater cleaning systems and approaches to many problems that had always required unscheduled visits to dry-dock. Rather than take business away from the dry-docks, we believe this enables them to do core work in an organized fashion, without emergencies disrupting large jobs. It certainly saved shipowners a lot of time and money.

Our sister company, Subsea Industries, is leading the way in environmentally safe hull coatings. Since they contain no (zero) toxic substances but last as long as the ship – even in ice – they are proving that technology can save money and the environment at the same time. That has to be the way forward for the industry.

The next 40 years are certain to bring more big changes, but cleanliness and efficiency are bound to be at the top of the list.

We look forward to sharing the excitement with Drydock Magazine!

Boud Van Rompay



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