Ultrasonic anti-fouling trialled by Dutch Navy


The Royal Netherlands Navy and LG Sonic are starting a project to prevent biofouling on ships through ultrasonics.

The Dutch algae and biofouling treatment company has received an official order from the Navy to apply their ultrasound technology on a marine vessel to reduce biofouling formation.

The equipment uses ultrasonic sound waves to create resonance around solid surfaces within the water, preventing bacteria adhering. It prevents bacteria from settling on a surface in the primary stages of biofilm formation. It also alters the structure of existing biofilm, eventually breaking it down.

LG Sonic say the products are not based on cavitation, which may kill bacteria and other organisms but can also cause oxidation reactions and may degrade anticorrosion layers.

The use of the LG Sonic products is chemical free, safe for fish and other marine organisms and is in line with the ASC standards for marine use of ultrasonic devices.


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