New PPG system for dry bulk cargo holds


PPG has unveiled a new protective system for dry bulk carrier cargo holds at Posidonia 2016.

Designed specifically for the cargo holds of dry bulk carriers, the system is suitable for spot and full repairs as well as for application at newbuild. The PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC system is built on technology comprising a PPG SIGMASHIELD PRIME undercoat and PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC topcoat.

Christophe Cheikh, PPG’s Global Product Support Manager, said: “The chemistry within the PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC system includes a pre-reacted amine hardener in the coating. This effectively provides a “Kick-start” for the curing reaction which results in shorter curing time and return to service that is among the fastest in the industry. After just two coats of 100 microns, a vessel can resume service in only two days when transporting iron ore and five days when carrying hot coal.”

Selection of inert raw materials in the formulation of the PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC system ensures that any unwanted chemical reactions at the surface are avoided and the system delivers excellent chemical resistance, allowing safe operation with all IMSBC cargoes.

In addition to super-fast curing, the system’s excellent anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive properties extend the service life of vessels and are effective across a wide range of operating temperatures due to the high glass transition epoxy matrix. As a result, damage commonly caused by cargo settlement during vessel operation is minimized.

Christophe Cheikh adds: “The PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC system has undergone extensive tests in controlled situations designed to replicate actual loading and cargo carriage conditions. While the top coat PPG SIGMASHIELD MTC has been designed to be applied on top of aged epoxies and to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical impacts from the wide range of traded cargoes, PPG SIGMASHIELD PRIME has been optimized to provide an excellent steel protection with excellent mechanical, thermal and corrosion properties. The surface wetting properties built into the hardener provide excellent adhesion, anti-corrosion and creep resistance. So when inevitable mechanical damage eventually does occur, the area affected remains limited and so extends the service life of the coating.”


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