Wärtsilä Genius services help customers embrace digitalisation and optimise operations


Wärtsilä have launched a new series of services aimed at giving easy access to digital monitoring of equipment.

The service includes several options, including an offline vibration analysis service which monitors the health of propulsion and other rotating equipment. In addition, Wärtsilä Engine efficiency monitoring service is now available for dual-fuel engines. Wärtsilä Condition based maintenance service has been updated to allow daily follow-up of equipment condition, enabling Wärtsilä to take a more proactive role in supporting the customers’ business.

Wärtsilä launched their Wärtsilä Genius services in November 2015, designed to help customers optimise their operations and seize the opportunities offered by digitalisation. The service concept is based on comprehensive optimisation of customers’ business and entire installation instead of focusing on maintenance and servicing alone. Wärtsilä has signed several maintenance agreements that benefit from Wärtsilä Genius services, using real-time data and analytics.

“The main concerns for all our customers are uptime and cost-efficiency, both of which have a direct impact on profitability. We are developing Wärtsilä Genius services with these concerns in mind – we want to ensure that our customers can get the most out of their assets, while operating in a safe and environmentally friendly way,” says Mikko Tepponen, Director Digitalisation, Wärtsilä.

Vibration analysis

Wärtsilä Offline vibration analysis service is a new service for propulsion and other rotating equipment. This expert service analyses measurement data from the equipment to determine their condition and possible maintenance needs. With it, component defects, alignment issues and balance problems can be detected and remedied before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

“With Wärtsilä Offline vibration analysis, our customers can avoid costly downtime and enhance the reliability of their equipment. By observing and analysing the health of propulsion equipment we can help them extend the lifecycle of their assets and thereby improve their profitability,” Tepponen says.

Engine efficiency monitoring now for dual-fuel (DF) engines

The Wärtsilä Engine efficiency monitoring service is now available for dual-fuel engines. With this service, customers can optimise their fuel consumption by adjusting their operations according to real-time data. The service includes expert advice on overhaul and operational pattern. By extending the service to DF engines, Wärtsilä is strengthening its strategic focus on gas-fuelled engine technology. The Engine efficiency monitoring service also serves as a solid foundation for developing efficiency monitoring to include a wide range of operations of a gas or DF engine operated ship or power plant.

Updated Wärtsilä Condition based maintenance (CBM) service allows daily follow-up

Wärtsilä has also updated the Wärtsilä Condition based maintenance service: the new CBM allows daily follow-up of key operational data in addition to the monthly reporting. CBM improves the availability, reliability and performance of the customer’s installation. This service provides essential data and insight about the state of the equipment and includes expert recommendations concerning the optimisation of maintenance intervals. With the new improvement, Wärtsilä will be able to take a more proactive role towards customers if and when needed.


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